Expand Your Shower

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Some of us don’t know the joys of a Taj Mahal-sized shower.  Some of us know our shower curtains a little too well and would donate a kidney for a little more elbow room. is offering a great $29.99 price on a Curved Shower Rod w/ Shower Liner and Hooks Set (rubbed bronze, nickel or chrome).  The hooks alone can easily cost $15, so this is feeling like a legitimately good deal to me and my claustrophobic shower.  Over 150 of our compadres agree and have rated this product 4.8 stars.  Grab it before it expires late on 3/18.

To elbow room!


Memory Foam Twin Mattress Under $200

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Your mother-in-law already snarls when she beholds your piles of clutter and coughs dryly when she eats your alfredo surprise casserole.  She’s not in love with you.  Just say it.  But instead of “getting her back” by providing her with a 30 year old excuse for a mattress on your guest bed, get her into a better mood by giving her a good night’s sleep when she visits.  I know, it sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s just good science.  The 9-inch Select-A-Firmness Twin-size Memory Foam Mattress is just 189.99 at right now.  You can grab it in any of the 3 firmness options: Soft, Medium or Firm.  And the fact that it’s just a twin means that she will be comfortable, but not “too” comfortable…if you know what I mean.  …and I think you do.

It’s rated 4.8 stars after over 50 reviews and at under $200 is a heck of a solution for any twin bed in your home.



Furniture Sales, for My Naked Game Room

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Today is a big day. It’s not EXACTLY the birth of our child, but a 52″ TV that my husband ordered a month ago is finally arriving. So to him, it’s a day of celebration. So now our empty game room will have a beautiful TV and zero seating. It’s my turn to grab the baton and find a nicely priced sectional or sofa set. No problem. I see two great options. 1) is offering an extra 10% off all of their living room furniture. And 2) Macy’s is running a “Save the Tax” sale where they give a discount equal to sales tax when we check out. And as a double bonus, their semi-annual furniture sale begins on 1/27 but they are allowing us to “pre-ored” now and take advantage of the full savings. The Macy’s promotion runs through 2/2, but Overstock’s is shorter, ending on Monday, 1/25. Now let me get to work on that sectional. *knuckle crack* Cheers! Jill

World Market: Up to 50% Off Furniture Plus Shopping Deals

Monday, January 11th, 2010

In the past year I’ve ordered a dining set and a sleeper sofa from World Market and am HAPPY.  So, of course, I’m thrilled to see that they are offering up to 50% off all furniture right now.  Outdoor furniture and “online-only” are excluded.  To add to the party, many items, even BIG pieces of furniture, ship for just $4.95 through 1/23.

I bought the Murphy Sleeper Sofa for Jack’s office and we love how it looks. (UPDATE: This sold out within minutes of me writing about it.  GRRrrrrr.)  Clean lines, neutral color, good scale for a medium to small space.  It retails at $600…which is already pretty untouchable for a sofa sleeper, and is on sale now for just $549.99.  The REAL savings here comes in the form of $4.95 shipping on this sofa which usually ships for MUCH more.  I originally bought this with the idea that 2 adults could sleep on it, and after seeing it laid flat…I don’t think it would be large enough.  It’s a few inches more narrow than a full bed, so it would be fine for 2 teens or kids, but 2 adults might be a little too “cozy”. But for us, since this is mainly meant to be occasional seating in an office, it is perfect and perfectly priced.



Macy’s One Day Sale Through Saturday Night

Friday, January 8th, 2010

The Macy’s One Day Sale runs through Saturday night, and I’m feeling ever-so-slightly jealous that the guys seem to have won this round.  You’ll disagree with me if you need a coat, bras, panties or shapewear, which are all drastically discounted.  But, I already have plenty of all of the above.  The women’s web busters only get a C+ from me.  The prices are good, but…shapewear?  That’s no fun, no matter how much you need it. Ohhh…but there IS cashmere, lots from $40-$60, so maybe I should raise the grade up to a B.  Minus.

BUT, what is lacking in the ladies department is made up for with the awesome Web Busters for the Home.  Go check them out before Saturday night!



Super Smart Bargains

Friday, December 11th, 2009 has a knack for making me swoon.  This weekend’s deal: RSVP shoes for just $7.95!!!  These puppies retail for about $45 to about $90.  I’ve paid more than $7.95 for a margarita.  And I will do it again.  And I will do it again while wearing a pair of these shoes.

And…SWEET!  Smart Bargains just extended their Best of Black Friday sale through midnight tonight (Saturday)!  The sheets sold out quickly…right before my eyes as I was trying to find some for myself, actually.  But, there are still plenty of great bargains remaining:

Extra 30% off all sweaters, all Cole Hahn shoes/bags/accessories, outwear, cold weather accessories, and down and down alternative bedding.

Extra 40% off jewelry!

Extra 25% off watches.

Extra $20 off any aerobed…which is perfect timing for holiday guests.

An extra 50% off 600 thread count sheets!  Pay around $35!!  They are selling out quickly, so move it or lose it. Sold out. :(

And there’s more where that came from.



Dyson Sale: Make Cyber Monday Really Suck

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Happy Cyber Monday!  Whatever you’d had your eye on, go double-check the price today.  You might be happily surprised.  It’s an OUTSTANDING day to complete as much holiday shopping as you and your credit card are willing to handle.  In case you’ve been longing for a Dyson vacuum for Christmas, as part of their Cyber Monday Sale, has some of the best prices on Dysons that I’ve ever seen.  Get the DC25 Animal for $494, the DC25 Ball for $449, or the DC28 Animal for $528. There are more to choose from, too. I’ve had a Dyson D25 “The Ball” since March and it is a new world.  With two big, black, ever-shedding dogs, our Dyson has its work cut out for it, and it has worked like a champ.  The maneuverability is awesome.  AWESOME.  It’s not the lightest nor the heaviest vacuum I’ve ever used, but the suction is definitely amazing.  It’s also easy to empty the canister, so points for that.

Happy Cyber Monday deal hunting!


Thanksgiving Feasts Make Paper Plates Cry

Monday, November 16th, 2009

I’m hosting between 12 and 15 people for Thanksgiving and am super excited.  New house, friends, family, and a feast…there’s a lot to be thankful for.  I finally started planning last night, thinking “Gee am I gonna be organized, or what?”  So, I hopped over to where they have some brilliant recipes and a nice timeline/planner to whip me into shape.  But wouldn’t you know it – their timeline says I should have started planning 3 weeks before Thanksgiving.  BOOoooo.  BUT, they did remind me to count how many plates/bowls/glasses I have, and there’s a definite lack of good dishes to go around.

The china that we registered for for our wedding was pricey so we only have 7 1/2 place settings.  Don’t ask.  I’m now 8 years older and wiser and on the hunt for a nice-looking, classic set that will blend with what I’ve got, kinda sorta.  I checked Overstock, SmartBargains, Target, Macy’s and a few others and you won’t believe who wins for the best low-priced set to feed an army: Macy’s!  The Oneida “Splendid” 65-Piece Dinnerware Set will allow us to feed 12 people for $99.97.  I think we paid about that much PER PLACE SETTING for our wedding china.  This set retails at $190 and has a perfectly classic banded pattern.  You can choose either gold or platinum banding to suit your fancy.  In addition to a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer for all 12 guests, this set also includes a 14″ platter, 9″ bowl, covered sugar and a creamer.  And it’s all machine washable.  Cha-ching!  I am wick-impressed with this deal.  The bonus pieces pushed me over the edge and I AM ordering this today.

If you are ok with non-machine washable dinnerware, have your head examined there’s a great deal at Target on their Gold Band Porcelain Dinnerware Collection.  They don’t have bowls or saucers, but you can order 12 dinner plates for $10, 12 salad plates for $10 and 12 mugs for $10.  So $30 for a lightweight service for 12.  Not shabby, just make sure that you chain someone else to the sink after dinner.



Need Dining Furniture? World Market Is Your Fairy Godmother

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Yay!  For almost 2 months, I’ve been staring at a plastic, folding table and chairs where a real kitchen table should go in my house.  I just scored the deal of the year at World Market on a new set.  I waited.  I was patient.  The sale came.  I struck while the iron was hot.  The layers of sales are complicated but basically:

World Market is offering up to 40% off all dining furniture right now, just in time for holiday entertaining.

– World Market is offering an  EXTRA 25% off any sale or regular-priced furniture purchase with promo code: NOVFURNAF.  This code is good on any furniture purchase, not just dining.

– Shipping furniture from World Market is pricey but World Market just started a new promotion for free shipping on $50 or more. HOWEVER, it is not “supposed” to apply to furniture…BUT…they took $146 off my $275 shipping charge anyway.

Long story longer, I got a Sourav Dining Table, the matching bench and 4 chairs for about $765 for a set that retails for over $1200. I paid about $130 in shipping and about another $70 in tax.  That’s $967 total for a large, 82″ solid wood table that will seat at least 6, along with some pretty cool seating to match.   I’m expecting at least 10 people for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so the timing couldn’t be any better.  I love the Sourav set because it has been around for at least 4 years and is loved by reviewers, the look can be dressed up or down, it feels eclectic without making my traditional furniture look bizarre, and the Sourav line has tons of pieces for most rooms in the house.  I needed a big kitchen table and love that there’s a bench available that will help to make my kitchen table feel less like a second dining room.  I feel like Cinderella on ball day.  Speaking of which, this deal turns into a pumpkin on November 25th.

Hip hip hurray!


Instant Pumpkin Patch

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

A few things today.  First: I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and they have 50% off anything remotely Fall/Autumn/Halloweeny.  My mantle is now a jeweled pumpkin patch that would even impress Charlie Brown…complete with a big, lighted, grapevine pumpkin.  I know that I don’t get out much, but I found the trip THRILLING.  They even already have huge price cuts on some Christmas decor, so a return trip will happen this weekend.

Second: One Day Sale at Macy’s.  As usual, it’s actually a 2-day Friday and Saturday sale.   There are some great price reductions like 40% off over 200 bras, panties and shapewear items, 50% off select outerwear, 40% off juicers and blenders, and 50-75% some gorgeous lamps and lighting.

Dig in!  And have a great weekend!