Episode 21: Kohl’s Sale and Financial Markets

So I just got back from a shopping trip to Kohl’s. I mentioned about a week ago that they’re having their Lowest Prices of the Season sale, and I’m mentioning it again now because the sales are AWESOME and it all ends in a few days on October 27th. I found some great items that followed me home. The Apartment Nine Pleated Top in purple easily made it into my shopping bag. In addition to purple, it also comes in other colors, including black, teal, magenta and brown. It’s made of a nice, soft blend of polyester and rayon which is machine washable. It retails at $34, but like me, you can grab it for $18.

The Apt. 9 Tweed Trapeze Jacket just might be my proudest purchase from today…and Kohl’s better not raise the price on it before you’ve seen this video. I bought this Apartment Nine Tweed Trapeze Jacket in brown for just $27.99. That’s over half off the $60 retail, and I certainly don’t feel like I’m wearing just a $28 jacket. It’s available in sized 4-16, unless you’re interested in the GREY tweed, and in that case, it’s available in sizes 4-14. All Apt. 9 clothing and shoes are 40-55% off during this sale, and I think I bought one of each.

In other deal news, while I was on my hiatus, all heck broke loose in the financial markets, Britney spears started wearing a bra and China walked in space. Britney Spears wins the prize for most shocking news story. However, the whole financial situation is having an impact on the shopping landscape, so I care. In June, I talked to you guys about Linens ‘N Things filing for bankruptcy protection. They closed a few stores and looked for someone to basically buy them out and keep operating the stores. Guess what? No qualified bidders, so Linens ‘n Things is now closing their doors for good and everything is up to 30% off, both in stores and online. Remember that all sales are final, and go check it out while there’s still plenty of good inventory left.

Incidentally, the bankruptcies don’t end there, and I’d bet that there will be more after the holiday rush. Mervyns is also declaring defeat and will stay around through the holiday buying season and then walk off into the sunset. Circuit City is also getting dangerously close and is on our bankruptcy watch list. They’re thinking about closing 150 stores to avoid filing for bankruptcy protection. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Online sales are still on the rise with people wanting to save time and gas money, and this means that heavily brick and mortar national stores are having a tough time of it. But with this chaos comes opportunity. Big Lots, for instance, has just announced that they are heading online so that we’ll be able to buy overstocked odds and ends for rock bottom prices without leaving home. Also good news is the fact that retailers are planning on starting holiday sales quite early and plan for big discounts in order to get us excited about spending. So, this is all very good news for consumers. And the next time I get in trouble with Jack for shopping too much, I will just remind him that I am fulfilling my patriot obligation to our nation’s economy.
Have a great day! Cheers!

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