Episode 22: Linens ‘N Things Rises from the Ashes

I’m baaaaaaack.  It’s my first BargainJill episode in a while and it feels good to be back at it! In episode 22 of BargainJill TV I talk about Linens ‘N Things and its rise after bankruptcy, I’ll introduce you to BestBathStore.com in case you haven’t already heard of them and their all-natural bath goodies already, and we’ll have a look at some crazy shoe sales that 6pm.com is running this week.

Like a phoenix that spontaneously combusts and rises again from its own ashes, a brand new re-birth of Linens N Things is equally fun to watch. In May of last year, you may remember, they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, closed a bunch of stores and then started liquidating everything they had left. By late December, they still didn’t have a buyer, and all brick and mortar stores were closed while the website, LNT.com, kept chugging away, liquidating the last few items through mid February of this year. At that point, I thought that Linens N Things was officially closed.

But no! It turns out that they just re-launched their website!

How can it be? Well, apparently a joint venture headed up by two companies called Hilco Consumer Capital and Gordon Brothers Brands bought the Linens ‘N Things name, all of Linens N Things domain names, its wedding and gift registries, a few other odds and ends…and apparently their email newsletter list because that’s how I found out. From what I can tell, this same joint venture also bought Sharper Image and the Bombay Company when they were having financial woes of their own. I am praying that this is just a typo, but I read an article that says the Linens N Things name was bought by the joint venture for $1 million. Million with an “M”. Seriously, I’m pretty sure that anyone in San Francisco with more than 2 bedrooms paid that much for their HOUSE. I mean, maybe a few of us should chip in and see if Circuit City wants to sell THEIR name to us. I need to get into this racket somehow. That’s just crazy.

But, anyway – here’s the scoop: LNT.com will carry the same sorts of products that you’re used to seeing from the old Linens N Things and you’ll even see a revival of some of the house brand products that used to be made specifically for Linens N Things. But… don’t hold your breath waiting for your local Linens N Things brick and mortar location to open back up any time soon. Not gonna happen. Company officials say that brick and mortar stores are a possibility, but really the website and some strategic partnerships with other brick and mortar retailers are their main focus right now. One interesting thing to watch is the store-within-a-store concept that the company has hinted at. So, who knows. Maybe Linens N Things will join forces with a big retailer and basically “be” the linens department for an entirely different company. Like Footlocker. Just kidding.

Anyway, go check out the new site at LNT.com. The prices seem alright. The selection is pretty solid. I could be wrong, but I think that one of their own employees went through the site and gave tons of items 4 and 5 star ratings. That’s really cheesy, but whatever. Just make sure that you don’t make any buying decisions soley based off of one person’s 5-star rating. But you wouldnt do that anyway.

I’m now going to move the bargain spotlight onto 6pm.com.

I think they’re insane, and I think I love it! If you or anyone in your family needs shoes, this is the store, and this is the week to do it. Today, Thursday and Friday, some certifiably crazy person in the 6pm Marketing deparment decided that each day they’d offer a certain brand of shoes, all for $19.99 per pair that day. Today, Wednesday, you can get ANY pair of GoLite shoes for $19.99. Tomorrow, which is Thursday March 26th, you can get any pair of Naturalizer shoes for just $19.99. And on Friday, you can get any pair of Tsubo shoes for …$19.99. It’s awesome.

Today’s deal on GoLite shoes should appeal to any men or women who are looking for shoes for hiking or trail running. Update: All womens styles are now sold out! These shoes are usually on the pricey side with retail prices from about $80 up to about $115, so, at $19.99 definitely jump on this deal. The GoLite Storm Dragon shoe for men is pretty well stocked in sizes 7 through 12 1/2 and it comes in two different color combinations: night/sun or twilight. They retail at $112 and usually sell for $56 at 6pm.com, but again, grab them today for $19.99. 

Sizes for many of these styles are reeeally limited, especially for ladies, but fear not women, we’ll have our day in the sun tomorrow when Naturalizers go on sale for $19.99. I counted over 600 styles. And they’re all going to be $19.99. Shopping party at my house tomorrow. And then Friday, less exciting but equally good savings on Tsubo shoes.T hey do shoes for men, women and kids and they tend to be comfy, stylish athletic-type shoes but they also have a bunch of styles that dress it up it up a little. So remember to hit 6pm.com today through Friday to make sure that you’re not missing out.
OK, onto our next topic: I just recently learned about a small company called BestBathStore.com and wanted to share it with you. They make all natural bath and skin care products that they make by hand in their facility in Woburn, MA. They create soaps, lotions, bath salts,lip balms, even a shampoo and conditioner, and a bunch of similar bath and skin-type items. And even beyond their great natural products, BestBathStore is very committed to the environment and to animal rights. They perform no animal testing with any of their products, and they definitely walk the walk in terms of using green energy and recycleable and biodegradable packaging with the items they sell. Right now, they are offering BargainJill customers two exclusive discount codes: use promotional code: Jill15off for 15% off any order, or use promo code Jill10 for $10 off any purchase of $55 or more. I figured out the math and the $10 off coupon, Jill10 is the best deal for orders between $55 and $65 while the 15% off code, Jill15off, is a better deal for any other sized order.

While you’re looking around at BestBathStore.com, take a look at the highly-rated Acne Facial Bar for $5.95 before discount.

Or, if acne is not an issue for you, check out the Dead Sea Body Bar. It’s pretty interesting. It’s an all-natural, exfoliating bar that contains Dead Sea salts, Ground Luffa and Apricot Seeds, and Walnut Husk to smoothly polish your skin, and essential minerals of Dead Sea mud as well as moisturizing oils to help detoxify and refresh your skin. This bar is also well-liked by reviewers on the site and sells for $5.95 before the discount. I think that’s an excellent price given the quality of the ingredients list.
For an extra treat, choose from one of the many all-natural bath bombs. For the $6.95 price, you get a LARGE 9oz bomb filled with skin moisturizing goodness and essential oils that will help you forget the worries of the day. And just in case, pour yourself a glass of wine before your bath. It never hurts.

Thanks for checking out today’s episode of bargainjill TV. I’ll see you again next Wednesday!
Have a great day! Bye!