Episode 23: Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

CORRECTION FROM THE VIDEO: I goofed up the Angie’s List membership discount.  Here’s the real deal: click here and use coupon code SAVETEN for $10 off a 1-year membership. If you are already an Angie’s List member, then you will be able to save $20-$30 off a 1-year gift subscription.  Sorry for the mistake!

We’re now just 4 days from Mother’s Day. If you haven’t already gotten something for Mom, it’s time to spring into action, and that is what we’ll talk about in episode 23 of BargainJill TV.

I like to set expectations, so let’s get one thing clear right now. You’re not going to find free shipping offers in time for Mother’s Day. They’re gone. But there are still lots of great sales to take advantage of. So let’s walk though some good options.

I used to work at fine jewelry stores during college, and love talking about jewelry, so I’m going to start off today talking about sparkly things for Mom. As we mentioned several days ago, SuperJeweler.com offered BargainJill readers an exclusive coupon code for an extra 10% off orders of $100 or more, and that is still in full effect when you use coupon code bargainjill.

SuperJeweler has a page of specials for Mother’s Day, with prices from just $29. In fact, for $29 you will see this pretty and petite .03 ct diamond heart pendant crafted of sterling silver. It’s small and sweet and definitely budget-priced.

For $79, this classic 1/4 ct diamond heart pendant in 10k gold is another good bet.

If you are a man watching this video, and you are married, and you have kids, that means that your WIFE qualifies for some special treatment on Mother’s Day, too.

For something really special, how about this beautifully-priced pair of quality 1/2 ct diamond stud earrings? They retail at over $800, are on sale for $295, but with the bargainjill coupon code, they are just $265! And the quality of these diamonds is spot on for bright, sparkly stud earrings. They are rated SI2 to SI3 in clarity, which means that they are very clean to the naked eye, and this is superior to the standard clarity that you usually find for earrings at a jewely store in the mall. Trust me. And the color rating of H to I is also a good place to be for earrings. They’ll appear nice and bright and have great sparkle with these specs. I’m amazed at the price on these earrings. I’ve loved them at $295, so $265 is pretty fantastic. These definitely have the BargainJill stamp of approval. I wouldnt mind a pair myself, frankly.

SuperJeweler always offers a FREE gift of jewelry cleaner, FREE gift wrap, FREE appraisals on all items over $200…and they USUALLY offer free shipping, (and they still do) BUT, since we’re so close to Mother’s Day, the standard free shipping might not be fast enough, so SuperJeweler recommends using 2-day shipping for $9.95 if you order today, Wednesday the 6th or if you order on Thursday, you’ll need UPS Next Day shipping in order to arrive on time, and that will set you back $17.95. So don’t wait around before you order.

Flowers are obviously a clear winner amongst Moms and who knows flowers better than Martha Stewart? Martha is working with 1-800-FLOWERS and has her own branded line of bouquets which she has designed, and Martha is offering us 15% off right now with promo code MARTHA47.  Martha’s bouquets strike me as very pretty, elegant and old-fashioned, in mostly muted pinks or purples.  I was impressed by the designs. They are not the typical teleflora stuff you usually see. The arrangements remind me of an old-fashioned rose garden. Bouquet prices largely range from about $50-$80 for the Martha Stewart designs. So they aren’t outrageous, but they are also not the cheapest. If Martha and her flowers are out of your budget, no worries. 1-800-FLOWERS is offering 30 gifts that cost $30 or less. My top pick in that list would be the bouquet of 24 multi-colored roses for $29.99. Beware that that price does NOT include a vase. Many women have plenty of vases laying around from previous bouquets and would be fine without one more vase in their life, but if you’re not sure about your mother, pay another $10 for a vase.

Ok, so we’ve covered the classics with jewelry and flowers. Here’s a non-traditional gift to surprise Mom with. I think that a subscription to Angie’s List would be appreciated by any woman who could use some help around the house – like landscapers, handyman services, maid services or even an auto mechanic or veterinarian. Angie’s List is an awesome database of contractors and other professions with reviews written by regular people who have used their services. So, your mom could find some great info before hiring someone to paint her house, mow her yard, etc, etc. I have a subscription to Angie’s List and it has really helped when I’ve hired people. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to even know where to begin, and Angie’s List gives you plenty of information to select people to hire with a nice level of confidence.

If you are already a member of Angie’s List, you can save $20 to $30 off a 1-year Angie’s List membership that you gift to someone else…like Mom. If you’re not yet a member, save $10 off any 1-year Angie’s List membership by using promo code SAVETEN during checkout. Membership prices vary based on the city where the work will done. For instance, before the $20 to $30 discount, LA is about $50 per year. Tucson and Austin are $57. Pittsburgh is in the high 60’s and Houston was $82. So, that should give you a general idea of what to expect. Overall, I think that it’s an interesting gift idea. It’s really practical and would be an appreciated gift for the right woman. And the fact that it can all be done online means that you don’t need to worry about priority shipping charges.

I hope that gives you some ideas for the moms on your shopping list, and remember to place your orders today, especially if there’s shipping involved.

That’s our episode for today, check back again next week for a new video, and in the meantime, enjoy the deals we post to BargainJill.com daily. Bye!