What is BargainJill.com?

Jill helps you find deals for your wardrobe, home and family at your favorite stores. BargainJill.com is a bargain shopping website which finds deals at popular and reputable merchants, and posts links to those deals for you in one place. Deals are updated throughout the day, every day.

Does BargainJill.com sell anything?

No, BargainJill.com, like you, is always looking for a good deal, but does not directly sell anything. BargainJill.com links you off to popular merchants, and doesn’t sell anything itself. It’s possible that in the future we’ll sell BargainJill.com merchandise (like t-shirts, mousepads, etc.), but that day is not now.

How do I get the price quoted on BargainJill.com?

Let’s say that you found an item that you like on BargainJill.com, but when you click over to the actual merchant’s site, the price is higher. The first thing to verify is whether Jill added any special ordering instructions that must be followed for the best possible price. (Example: a coupon code or rebate is required.) You can do this by checking BargainJill.com’s product page for the specific item.

If there are no special ordering instructions, the price listed by the merchant is correct price, and you should assume that BargainJill.com is showing an out-of-date price. If you ever see a price discrepancy between BargainJill.com and a merchant, always trust the price that the merchant lists as accurate and definitive, and let us know so that we can update BargainJill.com. Prices may vary between BargainJill.com and the merchant sites for a few reasons: 1) The merchant increased the price of the product after Jill listed it. 2) The product sold out after Jill listed it. 3) The merchant may have only been offering a certain quantity of an item for sale at the price listed by Jill, and once they sold out of that quantity, remain items are charged at a higher price. 4) In the case of some merchants like Amazon and Tiger Direct, when they sell out of an item, they’ll often offer the same item for sale via a different merchant’and often at a higher price. 5) Jill may have accidentally entered the wrong price to begin with. Human error.siiiiigh. If you see that a price is wrong or a product is sold out, please let Jill know by clicking the ‘Report Issue’ link next to that product on BargainJill.com.

How should I handle returns, order cancellations and billing issues?

Please contact the merchant with whom you placed your order. We have no records of any orders and have no ability to charge or refund credit cards.

I’m having problems with the merchant I placed my order with. What should I do?

Jill thinks that shopping should be fun and that customers should be treated with respect. That said, everyone makes mistakes and we’ll all run into the occasional mix-up when we order something online. The best thing to do is to try to call the merchant directly to rectify the issue. Sometimes email is your only available recourse. If you’ve exhausted all options with the merchant and are still unsatisfied with your experience, please email us at helpdesk@bargainjill.com and let us know about it. Please include: your full name, confirmation # (if available), date of the order, the item in question, and describe your experience so far.

Technical Problems?

If you run into a technical glitch on BargainJill.com, please email us at helpdesk@bargainjill.com. If a technical problem occurs at a merchant site, please contact that merchant directly.

How can I advertise on BargainJill.com?

We show Google Adsense on nearly all pages of our site. To advertise with us, you can create BargainJill.com site-targeted ads in your Google Adwords account.

Can BargainJill.com help us promote a special sale or event?

Shoot us an email at jill@bargainjill.com and tell us what you have in mind. We may be able to reserve an ad space for you for a charge.

Can I sell my products on BargainJill.com?

BargainJill.com does not sell any products directly and is therefore not open to selling products for wholesalers. If you are a merchant who sells to the public or an affiliate manager and are interested in having products listed with BargainJill.com, contact us at jill@bargainjill.com. Your products must be relevant to our home/wardrobe/kids theme and an affiliate program must be in place. Your site must offer truly low prices, have a strong reputation and show proven web traffic on Alexa.com or related web traffic sites.