Get Down, Get Down

Until midnight tonight, is offering 10% off of one of my favorite categories: down bedding.  There are a few warning signs to look for when trying to decide if some new down bedding is in order:
Sign #1: You arise in the morning and you feel 2 or more decades older than your actual age.
Sign #2. You toss and turn during the night and are acutely aware of the drippy faucet in your master bath.
Sign #3. Every time your AC turns on during the night, you lose sensation in at least half of your toes.

If any of these tell-tale signs apply to you, today is your lucky day.  Through midnight, is offering an extra 10% off their already famously-low prices on down bedding.  This includes comforters, featherbeds and pillows and the sale even applies to down alternative bedding.

A down comforter from Overstock that I love and have owned for probably a year is the 240 thread count white feather and down comforter.  It is on sale right now for $26 and 99 cents, which is just a remarkable price.  This comforter has been rated by almost 1500 people so far and scores 4.3 stars after all of those reviews.  So , here’s the real scoop with this comforter:It is not thick and fluffy.  It is not a snuggle up during the winter kind of comforter. It’s thin and lightweight, it fluffs up a little, but this is not the kind of comforter that will make your bed look like a giant marshmellow.

What this this IS is a great year-round comforter that works well in warmer and cooler weather, but it’s not necessarily for hardcore winter temperatures.  My husband hates thick, puffy comforters, but I wanted down or some kind of feathers so this comforter is great for us.  Several reviewers recommend buying a king size comforter if you have a queen bed and would like the comforter to drape further down the bed more like a bedspread would, which I think is a pretty smart idea.  This comforter is  filled with 95% white feathers and 5% down feathers and is a great way to top off your sleep, and at the $27 sale price, you can even deck out your guest bed or kids beds with this comforter which is available in sizes full/queen and king.

As I mentioned before, feather bed are also on sale, and the Super Snooze 5-inch Baffle Featherbed looks like a great bet. An excellent sale price of $89.99 means that it is 70% off the $300 retail and it comes very highly rated with 4.5 stars after 679 reviews.  And another great thing about this featherbed is that it’s available in all sizes from twin to California king, so you have no excuse for having any unfortable beds in your house now.  Go from lumpy matress to sleeping on a cloud.  Overstock is generously even throwing in a 230 thread count cotton cover to protect this feather bed.  Awesome deal.

For anyone looking for pure luxury in a pillow, the Silk 1300 Thread Count Goose Down Pillow should fit the bill nicely. The 650 goose down fill power is considered ideal for people who sleep on their sides, and the 51% silk, 49% cotten cover is perfect for anyone who wants to feel the goodness of down without the prick of feathers trying to liberate themselves while you sleep.  The price? $89 and 10 cents per pillow.  It seems high when you’re used to buyign your disposable pillows at Walmart, but it is defintiely a great price for this level of quality.  92% of reviewers would recommend this pillow and that’s an impressive statistic as far as pillows go.

Remember to take advatage of these deals today since they’ll be gone tomorrow.