I Need a Tan

I don’t know about you, but I could really use a vacation. In episode 17 of BargainJill TV, we are going to stock up on items for a mid-summer getaway.

Alright, I can’t take it anymore. It is time for a trip to the beach. We’re about 3 and a half hours from the ocean, and I wouldn’t mind hopping in the car right now and heading for a beach house and a fruity drink. My husband is thankfully on the same page, so we’re in the middle of scraping together a last-minute 4-day weekend in South Padre.

And it’s such a good time to plan a vacation since so many summer essentials are on sale. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who will be planning a mid or late-summer getaway, so I thought that today we’d take a look at some sale items that are perfect for a summer retreat.

The obvious item that HAS to be mentioned is a great swimsuit. If you wear an extra small or small, you can get a great teeny weenie pink polka dot bikini at Target for a grand total of $11. Can you say “65 percent off”? The top and bottoms are sold separately, but they both score the same high marks with 4.5 star ratings for each. Round out the combo with the xhiliation Board Shorts in a complimentary Pink Heart pattern for $10.49. Target still has these in small and medium.

If the teeny weenie polka dot bikini is not your speed, check out the Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Piqué 1-pc. Swimsuit in French Blue in sizes S-XL. It retails at $35 but is on clearance right now for $24.49.

Also, once you’ve had your fill of swimming, throw on the Xhiliration Dress Coverup in Brown for just $8.99. That’s half off the $17.99 retail, and it comes in sizes Small through XL.

If you’re spending any amount of time at the beach or the pool, Lord knows you need a place to stash your SPF and your trashy romance novels, and Old Navy is the definitive source of discount-priced beach totes, like the Women’s Striped Straw Beach Totes on sale for a mere $6.99. That’s less than the cost of the trashy novel it will be toting around.

If your vacation has already come and gone or you’re not planning on getting away this summer, and you’re cursing my name under your breath as I talk incessantly about the beach…here’e what I have to say: bring the vacation to you. Target has a festive set of Bubble Glass Margarita Glasses for $40. This set of 6 is admittedly not on sale, but I’ve used them personally and bought them as a gift, and they are what a margarita set should be. The size is right and they are really hefty in terms of the thickness of the glass. And the fact that they’re bubble glass adds extra points for cool factor. They’re available in clear, amber, sage, plum and blue, and again, they’re $39.99 at Target. Beware that they are pretty large, so they’re fantantastic to drink from, but make sure that you have enough cabinet space on reserve before you order multiple sets.

Have a great day and happy vacation planning! Bye!