SmartBargains Exclusive Saving: Extra 15% Bed and Bath

Today in episode 20 of BargainJill TV, we talk about an exclusive deal for BargainJack and BargainJill customers from, and we’ll look at few different deals on air mattresses., a website which, of course,  is home to low prices on anything from Bed and Bath to Apparel and Shoes for men and women, to stellar home and kitchen bargains is offering bargainjack and bargainjill customers an exclusive discount of 15% off bed and bath items.   To receive this discount, you must follow the link in the previous sentence, click “Buy It Now” to be taken to and then search for Bed and Bath items from there.

As soon as SmartBargains offered us the exclusive bed and bath deal, I immediately knew that I wanted to do an episode on air mattresses knowing that SmartBargains  is rarely matched on their price and selection of HIGH QUALITY air mattresses.  I stress the words “high quality” for a reason.  Are all air mattress created equal?  No way.  In fact, it’s even much worse than I realized before I started researching for this episode.  You have NO IDEA how many air mattresses are rated ONE star out of five stars.  Some manufacturers produce utter rubbish.  So in today’s episode, I’m separating the wheat from the chaff,  and am only showing you air mattress which are tried and true after real customer reviews…which in this category is absolutely critical.

Let’s start off with a bang with the Cadillac of air beds, the  AeroBed Raised Quick-Inflate Bed from SmartBargains for $125 for the twin or $150 for the queen.  Now, after the exclusive bargainjack and bargainjill 15% discount, you’ll pay $106 and 25 cents for the twin and just $127.50 for the queen.  Overstock has a raised aerobed for over $30 more and several other sites have raised aerobeds for as high as $300 for a queen.  So this is a very solid price for what you’re getting. If you look around you won’t have a tough time finding lower-priced air mattresses, but remember that quality here is the big differentiator. This is the highest scoring raised airbed that I was able to find anywhere, and usually, it was the highest scoring by a long shot.  This bed is rated 4.5 stars after 144 reviews.  It inflates in under 3 minutes  thanks to a built-in pump, and standard sheets fit this bed.  The big buzz is the 20” height of the bed, which puts it at about twice the thickness of standard aerobeds.  This makes it ideal to use as a guest bed for visitors who are old enough to appreciate the extra height when getting in and out of bed.  The height also makes this a great, inexpensive choice if you’re trying to stage an empty guestroom to sell a house.  This aerobed earns its metal in comfort and durability.  You can certainly pay less for lower quality, but personally, I want the peace of mind knowing that my guests wont have to wake up every 2 hours to refill their bed.  If your in-laws already hate you, don’t push it while they’re visiting.

If you need a simple but comfortable queen-sized inflatable mattress, and don’t necessarily need it to be raised, the AeroBed Guest Bed Instant Air Mattress is a good choice.  It retails at $157, is on sale for about $70 and thanks to the extra exclusive 15% off, you can pick up this bed for just $59.50.  This bed, like the raised bed has tons of excellent reviews.  To be exact, it scores 4.5 stars after 166 reviews and THAT is pretty amazing for an air mattress.  With the included pump, this mattress inflates in under a minute.  It has a built in raised pillow area at the head of the bed, includes the patented coil system that aeorbed is known for, and sports a velvety, flocked top for extra comfort.  This is a perfect extra bed to pack for yourself of your kids while you’re traveling.  It’s great for an apartment or dorm for overnight guests.  And I think the jury is still out on whether or not this is appropriate for camping.  Some reviewers say it was great for camping, others said it should be used for indoors only.  …Which leads me to the next mattress which is definitely designed for camping…

The Coleman Queen Sized Air Bed is ready for the trail and it is available from Walmart for just $27.  With this model, you need to buy the pump separately.  Walmart has a hand pump for about $11 and a rechargeable pump that would also work for camping for about 26.  As for the air mattress, it’s rated about 4.1 stars after 21 reviews.

Remember that the 15% off discount at SmartBargains applies to the entire bed and bath category, so if you’ve already hit your air mattress quota, go take a look at SmartBargains great low prices on towels and sheets.