Super Sparkle at SuperJeweler

Today’s Featured Deals:
1/2ct Diamond Studs in White Gold (SI2-SI3 Clarity, H-I Color) for an AMAZING $295.
Popular 1/4ct Diamond Circle Pendant in White Gold for $100.

1/4 Carat Hoop Earrings in White Gold and the same style in Yellow Gold for $79.

We’re here in Arizona visiting my parents, celebrating their wedding anniversary today and also attending my cousin’s wedding today.  All of this marital bliss takes my mind straight to diamonds, so today’s episode features some killer deals on a girl’s best friend, diamonds!

I’ve said if before – I’ll say it again.  SuperJeweler owns the key to my heart when it comes to deals on diamonds.  In my early 20’s, I worked in fine jewelry sales for a couple years.  I KNOW diamonds.  I know the ludicrous markup applied to diamonds.  But, I LOVE  diamonds.  So after I moved from jewelry sales job and into software industry, I really missed my employee discount on jewelry and basically went years buying almost nothing.  I just couldn’t stomach the full prices, or even the “sale” prices at jewelry stores.  A few years passed and jewelry shopping online became a real solution for me.  You definitely have to be careful to buy from a credible jeweler and KNOW what quality of diamonds to expect when the delivery guy shows up at your doorstep.
There are more than a few reasons that I love superjeweler, but let me walk you through the highlights:
1)      Price.  Price. Price.  Their sale prices range from good to phenomenal, and there are always SEVERAL amazing prices to choose from everytime I hit their site.
2)      Quality.  To me, quality doesn’t necessarily mean a flawless diamond for every occasion, because frankly, I don’t want to PAY for flawless diamonds in every piece of diamond jewelry I buy.   SuperJeweler offers a great range of diamond qualities which translates into a price for every budget.    My favorite part is that they very clearly mark the color and clarity of their diamond jewelry so that you understand upfront the real value of their deals.
3)      Free appraisals on all items over $200 by a third party lab, the World Gemmological Laboratory.
4)      Free shipping, free gift wrap if you’re buying a gift, and unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.
The first deal that I wanted to tell you about today is on SuperJeweler’s  best-selling pair of ½ carat diamond stud earrings.  The price is just $295!  I challenge you to find a better deal for the same quality of diamonds.  These are rated H-I in color which means that you can expect these to appear colorless.  D is the very brightest color, and further down the alphabet closer to J or K, you can start seeing more of a yellow tinge to diamonds.  So Basically, the H-I range of these diamonds means that they will look perfect on your ears and the only way that you’d know they’re not a D or and E is if you actually put them side-by-side with a brighter diamond…which only happens in a jewelry store, so there’s no reason to pay more than you have to.
As far as clarity is concerned, these are rated SI2-SI3 which means that they are completely clean to the naked eye and you’d need 10x magnification in order to see any imperfections.  I think that for earrings, this is an EXCELLENT clarity.  In fact, I usually recommend buying a higher quality of diamond for an engagement ring than I would for earrings…just because the engagement ring will get ogled by yourself and others at a much closer range.  And as far as these earrings go, I think that they fall in the perfect sweetspot of quality to price on COLOR and they EXCEED my normal expectations for the CLARITY of diamond stud earrings.  I did a quick check on for similar diamond studs, and Overstock’s CHEAPEST 1/2 carat studs are $50 more than these and the quality is not even close.  A pair that is actually comparable in quality is about $500 at Overstock.  That’s DOUBLE the cost of this $250 pair from SuperJeweler.  So, if you’re looking for a great pair of studs to wear everyday or just for special occasions, I highly recommend this pair based on the amazing price and the excellent specs.
If you’re looking for some great sparkle on a budget, SuperJeweler’s item of the week may be just the thing.  The 1/4 Carat Hoop Earrings in White Gold are a killer price at $79.  These are about ½” long which means that they’re great for everyday wear.  If you’re looking for large hoops, this is NOT your pair, since these are more of a modest size, but these offer great bang for the buck on something that you can wear all of the time.  Super Jeweler usually offers these earrings at $100 and they retail at $179, so the $79 sale price is awesome.  The yellow gold version is also available for the same great price.
Another item that I have to mention is the super jewelers all time best selling item, the 1/4ct Diamond Circle Pendant in White Gold.   This necklace retails at $399 , normally sells at superjeweler for $179 and is on sale right now for a fantastic price of just $99.75.
Remember that free shipping is always included with your SuperJeweler order.
Have a great day and an excellent weekend!